What is Generic Levitra?

Though Generic Levitra has the “generic” in front of it, men should know that it is chemically identical as brand name Levitra. Both use the same drug, Vardenafil, to treat men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and are looking for a way to get and maintain a long lasting, hard erection throughout sexual stimulation. Vardenafil in brand name Levitra and Generic Levitra inhibit the PDE5 enzyme, allowing for the blood vessels to open up and expand, creating an increase in blood flow to the penis for improved sexual response.

The only distinction between brand name Levitra and Generic Levitra is the “generic” in front of it. Both medications need to be taken at least 30 minutes before getting involved in sexual activities with their partner. Brand name Levitra and Generic Levitra can last in the system for up to five hours of sexual stimulation. The side effects of both medications include facial flushing, nausea, headaches, temporary vision impairment, and nasal congestion. Anyone thinking about taking brand name Levitra or Generic Levitra should discuss with a medical professional if it is right for them. Both ED pills should not be mixed with certain other prescription medications, including nitrates and alpha blockers. Also, if you suffer from an existing medical condition, including diabetes, obesity or overweight, blood pressure fluctuations, liver or kidney disorders, a history of heart disease, and cardiovascular diseases, you should discuss with your doctor certain precautions. If you decide to take both, your doctor might want to monitor you on a regular basis.

So why the “generic” in front of Levitra? Is there a difference? Yes, there is one key distinction between brand name Levitra and Generic Levitra – the price. Generic Levitra is a less expensive version than its brand name counterpart. Generic Levitra does not come with a premium tag and you can therefore buy it at a less expensive price. Because Generic Levitra is less expensive than brand name Levitra, it is more accessible to men who need treatment for erectile dysfunction. Make sure not to let the brand name deceive you, you can buy Generic Levitra online and save money. Get the same results for a fraction of the price!