ED Treatment

Many people when asked what the treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is, reply “Viagra”. Viagra was certainly first, but there are now other drugs on the market that treat ED, and have certain distinct advantages over Viagra. Levitra is one such drug.

How does Levitra work? The active ingredient in the drug Levitra is called Vardenafil hydrochloride. It is an oral medication, which must be prescribed by a doctor- but consultations can be arranged online. Both Levitra and Viagra inhibit the PDE-5 enzymes which block the blood flow into Penis. When the blood flow into Penis is unhindered, erection remains for a longer period that gradually results in prolonged sex. Levitra helps increase blood flow to the penis and helps men maintain erection satisfactory for sexual activity. It has been thoroughly tested and works.

Levitra has fewer reported side effects compared to Viagra and lasts about the same time as Viagra in the body. That is 4 hours or longer. Some tests report that it can still have a positive effect even a day after taking it, making it similar to Cialis. The side effects, if they occur at all, are similar to all ED oral treatments, the most common being a slight headache and facial flushing.

Look at the blue diamond pill that is Viagra. It is bigger than an aspirin. Levitra is smaller and easier to carry in your pocket, wallet or pill case. It is also easier to swallow.

Another big plus with Levitra is that you can also take it with food. Some other ED drugs have their effect lessened when taken after a meal. No problems on this score with Levitra! And when you think of it, if you are planning a romantic evening with your lady, then this is a real advantage. You can cook that special candle-lit meal for her, and still enjoy some great love-making afterwards. Your meal will not have an adverse effect on Levitra. So you get a total evening and night of pleasure!

Another big plus with Levitra is that it works faster than any other ED drug. Just a quarter of an hour. Whereas Viagra can take an hour to kick in.

Levitra is available in smaller dosages of 2.5mg, 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg whereas Viagra is available in the strengths of 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. So less drug means less side effects and there’s no vision problems that can be associated with Viagra- no blue tint effect.

It’s the best all-round ED treatment. Discuss it with your doctor or a qualified clinician today to see if it is the best for you.