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Mechanism of action

Levitra is stimulator of blood circulation in organism, certainly in area of sexual male organs. In case of 1 pill use, following occurs: Active substance of drug is Vardenafil; it quickly dissolves in gastrointestinal tract and penetrates in blood. Together with blood this substances penetrates in blood vessels of sexual male organs. Due to sexual arousal in male organism, Vardenafil begins to broad blood vessels, through which blood flow increases in male penis.In case of increased flow of blood to penis, occurs its broadening and elongation, after that it becomes firmer and transfers in erection.

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Usage and dosage

As it was said, it is possible to use Levitra in any age, but before treatment it is recommended to consult with your attending doctor. After medical survey of your problem, medical worker is able to diagnosis that is required to identify correct treatment of disease. Also you will be prescribed dose which is needed to be followed during whole treatment.

Beginning dose of Levitra for man, older than 18 – 10 mg 1 time a day

In case of small effectiveness, day dose can be increased till 1 pill of Levitra 20 mg a day.

Levitra 20 mg is maximal day dose and which is not recommended to exceed because of the risk of overdose appearance.

Drug needs to be used minimum 15 minutes before beginning of sexual act

Manifestation of pharmacologic effect goes independently from eating.

Average duration of pharmacologic action is 5-6 hours

Measures of precaution

There is number of conditions in case of which use of this drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction is forbidden.

It is better to give up Levitra use in case of: allergy on Vardenafil, severe diseases of cardiovascular system which requires refusing of physical activity, in case of physical deformation of penis.

It is required to be careful in case of: liver/kidney disease, glaucoma.

In case of Levitra use, it is better to refuse the use of others remedies for treatment of erectile dysfunction (Sildenafil-Tadalafil)

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